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Beer Bottle art

DIY window garden from recycled bottles

From empty bottle to soap container! hahaha Be great for a man cave bathroom! Or at the bar sink!

"Lush" Garden Once in a while, a Mama needs to kick back and relax...and maybe have a glass of something more grown-up than Kool-Aid. But who knew that alcohol could help your garden grow? Have an empty wine bottle in your recycling bin? Why not fill it with water and stick it upside down in one of your potted plants? The water will be absorbed into the soil as the soil dries out. This is a simple and green way to make a "Plant Nanny"! But what about using alcohol to actually help your garde...

Homemade Mamas: garden

Awesome bomb packaging. I wonder why nobody sells sand-blasted/frosted beer bottles?

Old beer bottles with lights in them

Six Pack. Beer bottles. Light. Lamp $150

upcycled beer and soda bottles

Hip Handcrafted Pendant Lamps Made from Recycled Beer Bottles

made from recycled beer bottles