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Susan Forto-Skidmore

Susan Forto-Skidmore

lol this would be kind of hard...i think the only thing thye would get right is the gender but this is a cute game and they win a prize after the baby is born.

crud. this isn't good for my budget. all these little girl clothes are just fab.

vacation. vacation. vacation. products-i-love

i love seeing curvy women represented

  • Kellie Madden

    I guess it all comes down to where you gain your weight. If you are one of the fortunate ones who doesn't gain it in the belly area, you are still considered beautiful. A girl at this same weight with thin thighs a flabby belly would be ripped apart. Unfortunately for me, every pound I gain goes to my tummy first!

  • Tabitha Tant

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ! EVERYONE is beautiful to someone ! Skinny or plus size ! Tall or short ! @ Ben , sadly people like you are the reason so many women have eating disorders ! SMH

  • Richard Felix

    me too! curvy and sexy

  • Hemory Phifer

    Full figured woman.... beautiful!!!

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LOVE this quote! Guess I'm going to need to have another baby! :)

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Teen Witch...One of my all time fav's

A second chance / La vida siempre regala una nueva oportunidad.

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