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Todolwen: My Origami Butterfly How To

Todolwen (new): My Origami Butterfly How To

Vulcan-It may be nerdy, but it's still pretty cool. The long curves actually connect separate syllables together into words. The script was created to look like some of the props on Star Trek, and emulates if very well. It's one of the only scripts (apart from the Cherokee and Galifreyan above) to emulate the look, without emulating the function, of something else.

Origami Crane Tattoo with washi paper detail.

Infinity Tattoos For Women_09.jpg 580×406 pixels

Ment to be cat tattoos, but look how cute they are!

Watercolor tattoo... going across my foot.

Celtic triquetra tattoo

Tattoo idea: Celtic triskele symbol intertwined with a treble clef. Mind, body, soul, music.

mine. Triskele tattoo. Represents Trinity. Leaf rep our earth bound body; flower rep the seed of knowledge planted in our mind to blossom; butterfly rep the transformation of our soul; and the crescent moon above rep our spirituality

Mix Elmer's glue and Wilton food coloring. Paint on clean dry glass to get this sea glass look.