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The 10 Best Money-Saving Apps. Find the best deals, get the best prices and spend less on groceries, clothes, tech, travel and more!

The 10 Best Money Saving Apps | Saving with Shellie™

How much should you spend on groceries?  This post if full of tips to help you figure it out and not feel guilty about it.

How Much Should You Spend On Groceries? -

Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too. Elephants by sevenstar on Etsy


25 Simple And Creative Tips And Tricks

Depressing Quotes: Wise Quotes to deal with depression and anxiety

Humanity is not lost yet!

If you'll have me, where should I leave my bags?

Exactly. I've cried all night with nanny. I need to get sleep. My head hurts, my eyes are swollen and I didn't get what I wanted today :( I wanted to see you

"You laugh or you cry, but there are tears either way." - Wick Montan

Said this for years. But a dog will bury a bone but, if it has meat on it he will chew the hell out of it.

Good thing cause I don't do bathing suits.

Might be loosing weight but refuse to loose shape. Besides this drawing is cute!

Who wants a 2, and or, who wants to be a 2? We love you the size you are :*