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Kid Friendly AND can be made for the adults! Ocean Water Recipe: Lemon lime soda, blue coloring,coconut extract, swedish fish. *Add Malibu for grown-ups :)

Ocean Water - Fake Ginger

Legos but with death!

Minecraft memes | quickmeme

Minecraft Ghast - Tree Wind Decoration


S'MOreos! - Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!

How adorable is this for a kid who can read. You could use it as a reminder box. When they get home ask them if they have checked their mail and place a list of things that need to get done or just a little note inside. It may make chores a bit more exciting.

Perfect for Halloween or a Minecraft party! How to make a MINECRAFT diamond sword and pickaxe |

Get Rich or DIY Tryin': Industrial Pipe Curtain Rod

Vision for A Minecraft-Themed Bedroom. William is a big fan of Minecraft too, might get some ideas here...

eclectic table lamps by ThinkGeek

Creeper (Minecraft) Mural in Zach's Bedroom.

For the boys' Minecraft bedroom, I used a square stencil I made out of paper and clear packing tape. Mixed up various shades of the gray, green (and some cream I bought for the kitchen) in like twelve different paper cups. Then I did this totally randomly, just trying not to put two squares of the same color together too often.

Minecraft bedroom. Could do pixel walls with vinyl.

Recycled beach chic by Tim Leveson Interiors