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Planning for visual types. If you need to SEE something to really get it, this post is for you.

Planning for visual types

How did the generation you were raised in impact you? Maybe it's more than you think. Author Tricia Goyer explains.

Peace doesn't come in ease and quiet, sometimes it comes like a storm. Find out how you can allow the storm to make you stronger, braver and better.

When peace comes like a storm - grace uncommon

The secret to being beautiful isn't found in a pretty face or a perfect life. Find out where it is, because it's already in you.

The secret that makes you beautiful - grace uncommon

Do you ever compare yourself to others wishing you could be more like them and less like you? Learning and growing requires just one simple thing. Find out what it is.

don't reinvent me - grace uncommon

Prayer never replaces actually doing something to elevate the suffering of another person. "Whoever has earthly possessions and notices a brother in need and yet withholds his compassion from him, how can the love of God be present in him?"~1 John 3:17. The heart of Jesus is regular acts of kindness. God longs to bless others through us. We are His hands, feet, and ambassadors of love on the earth. Pray & act.

Suburban Stereotype: When You Fall Apart. God's got this.

Suburban Stereotype: When You Fall Apart

FREE Bible Study Guide - Now available to accompany the book, The Sensational Scent of Prayer!

FREE Bible Study Guide -

Women Living Well: Finding Your Joy in God, Your Man, Your Kids and Your Home is available now!

A MUST READ for anyone wanting their dream house now! An inspirational story of the Front Porch that took 17 years to build, but wow, was it worth it!

Think you're the only one who feels overwhelmed by people, or is living through the Tired Thirties, or who doesn't know how to help a child who's struggling? You're not the only one! These 5 books will make you feel like you're NOT crazy.

6 Books for the Christian Marriage

You can be forgiven. You can live a life full of victory. {Testimony of a Girl who Made a Mistake}