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3D: Generative Art, Projection Mapping & Realtime Animation

Inspiring examples of generative art, projection mapping and realtime animation.

Generative Design: Visualize, Program, and Create with Processing: Hartmut Bohnacker, Benedikt Gross, Julia Laub

Superbien Vivid Sydney 2011

Superbien Vivid Sydney 2011

video mapping for Orange

Projection mapping magnum opus: UNDER AN ALIAS | Under An Alias was made by nerdworking's crew of 22 people from different disciplines architectures, new media artists, sound designers and the staff of Genius Loci Weimar.

"This is PS4 Night," by those French projection mapping rockstars, Superbien.

"1194D," by Raven Kwok | The entire work is programmed and generated in Processing, with a few scenes using some blur and blend modes in Premiere during composition stage.

CLOUDS Interactive Documentary | This project something I'd like to get involved with, and fortunately, it looks as though it's been designed in an open-source, open community kind of format, so it looks like there may be opportunities for synergy...

Generated real-time in Processing - "18F44" on Vimeo | The base regular hexagon is replaced by a group of six intersecting planes to provide more complexity. In addition, I create a more flexible controlling mechanism which allows me to separately play with each child on each level of the structure. You can see processes of "growth", "mutation","protrusion" and "disintegration" in this movie clip demonstration.

Growth, by Craig Winslow II. Made with two Leap Motion Controllers, two projectors, Unity, Processing, Syphon, MadMapper, Adobe Creative Cloud, Blender. More info at