wtf corey taylor

do you like this guy?

Corey Taylor. Oh. My. God.

Rock Stars Before and After Stage Transformation

Corey Taylor......good GOD!!!

My mouth is a gun I can shoot, I can show you the truth, and I don't need a reason to lie to you.

This is not about you, because it's all about you. You're out of luck... 'cause this is me not giving a fuck

Corey Taylor,,,Mmmm love everything about this man!

Oh. My. God. I love COREY TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!

Corey Taylor that smile kills me

Corey Taylor ..greatest man alive!

corey taylor. I love this man!

I'd be a wreck without Corey Taylor's music! lol

Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor such a beautiful man!!

Corey Taylor, Stone Sour - Hellfest 2010 by Mathieu Ezan (Metalorgie)

Stone Sour (Hellfest 2010 : Dimanche - le 20 juin, Clisson) #7546

Corey Taylor - Slipknot

Let's pretend I'm pinning this for the tattoos.... (:

John Slattery (actor) - Older men who take care of themselves without trying to look or act half their age (i.e. badly coloring their hair, wearing too-youthful clothes, etc.) are simply hot.

There is nothing as beautiful as (some) Black men...

This is a reason why I love older men. Goodness. Love the salt and pepper hair :)

Patrick older men! New board. Older Men. I have always loved older men, even when I was 20.

The Fabulous Birthday Blog: Jul 13, 2012

sully erna - Google Search

Sully Erna Photo: Sully Erna

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