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Instead of dog laying on stomach, how about those puppy bellies! So round and full! Love their little toes too!

Pet Away Worry Stress (PAWS) on Wednesdays Stressed out? Come de-stress and forget about your worries at Boynton Health Service! Weekly P...

Silly me, I have been putting flowers in my planters. This is a much better option.

His Favorite Type of Bed

Because baby chickens should wear pleated skirts.

Oh So Lovely Vintage: August 2012

Not only does he love to dig holes, but he loves to sit in them and stare at everyone...

Recipe for Frozen Dog Treats - Frosty Paws Knockoff For Your Pet. Making these in the summer for the pup instead of buying frosty paws

Recipe for Frozen Dog Treats - Frosty Paws Knockoff For Your Pet

Welcome to my blankey!

HORSE ADOPTs ORPHANED DEER A fawn was spotted wandering alone in a field near Subenacadle, Nova Scotia, Canada, but managed to survive with the help of his new foster family of horses. Once the horses took him in, the fawn never left. He was able to survive summer and fall without his mothers milk. (horse, deer)

Bahahahahaha this is so our dogs. Hilarious!

Dachshund Cocker mix - it's Chula :)

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silly kitty...

Lmao i dont know why this is so funny