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Anne Boleyn Garden Hever Castle England.

Anne Boleyn garden hever castle england

Portrait of Elizabeth I believed to have been commissioned by Robert Dudley, circa 1575.

11 year old Katherine of Aragon. Katherine of Aragon had a fair skin complexion, blue eyes, and an auburn hair color. She was referred to as “the most beautiful creature in the world” during her lifetime; renowned poet William Shakespeare reported her to be “The Queen of Earthly Queens.”

catherine of aragon Archives - Madame Guillotine

Miniature of Queen Elizabeth I, Nicholas Hilliard

Miniature of Queen Elizabeth I

'Queen Elizabeth I with a Fan', 1585-1590. Artist unknown

A Polar Bear's Tale: A fan fit for a queen

The girlhood of Mary queen of Scots

Elizabeth Dauncey circa 1526-7-A portrait drawing of Elizabeth Dauncey (b.1506), daughter of Sir Thomas More, by Hans Holbein the Younger.

Elizabeth Dauncey (b.1506)

Hampton Palace

a trail of coffee rings: January 2013

Henry VIII as a child. I found it in Henry VIII by A.F. Pollard from 1902. At the time it was said to be from a painting in the collection of Sir Edmund and Lady Verney at Rhianva, Anglesey.

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The family of Henry VII with Joachim and Anne meeting at the Golden Gate, illuminated page, 1503.

File:Family-of-Henry-VII.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In 2006 the remains of the chapel royal at Henry VII’s Greenwich Palace were discovered by Museum of London Archaeology. In this chapel Henry VIII married Anne of Cleves on 6th January 1540. The chapel royal can be seen in the photograph with its original Tudor tile floor.

Greenwich Palace - The Tudors Wiki

Claude de France by Corneille de Lyon - Queen of France from 1514 - 1524 as wife of Francis I. Also Duchess of Brittany. She was Queen of France at the time of the Meeting of The Cloth Of Gold. She was the mother of Madeleine of Valois, the first wife of James V of Scotland.

Claude of France - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For some time before 1592, Arbella Stuart was considered one of the natural candidates for succession to the English crown, after her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I However, between the end of 1592 and the spring of 1593, the influential Cecils, Elizabeth's Secretaries of State (Lord Burghley and his son Sir Robert Cecil) turned their attention away from Arbella towards James VI of Scotland.

© The Tudor Tutor --- One problem that Spain encountered was the chilly water conditions around Scotland and the north of England. Well-played, Your Majesty.

This unusual portrait of Elizabeth was painted in 1565, making her 32 years old. The entire portrait including the frame is from one block of wood. This portrait became known in 1994 when it was offered for sale. It depicts the Queen with a jeweled caul which was Italian fashion at the time. Unknown artist but painted in England.

Portraits of Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603), with commentary