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things that are simply true

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Use your powers for good

craig redl


Beatles Lyrics Ob La Di typographic art by wallenvyartdigital, £14.00

Worrying is like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain.

Don't Worry Tomorrow Is A New Day


Heavenly promises are always kept...

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Carpe Diem... Seize the day. STOP waiting for FRIDAY. Make the most of every moment..

5 Inspirational Quotes To Make Your Life Better

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a beautiful life

you act like it's you against the world but it's really just you against yourself #quote

Desire is a strong wish/want - Value is knowing the WORTH of someone. Unfortunately, this saying is true-just think before you jump into a relationship. Know your worth first. Then decide if they are worthy of you.

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It's very true but I pray that everyone feeling this way tonight New Year's Eve 2013 will find a way back to being happy again


Broken Relationship Quotes -

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9 E-Cards You Wish You Could Send Your Ex

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Don't look back

La Dolce Vita: This Week's Quote