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SO pretty! I wish I could get away with this.

Seriously! What's up with that?

Morning coffee (39 photos)

Cut the back of the main sweatshirt into two inch strips. Don’t detach the strips and stop right before the ribbing at the bottom. Turn it inside out and weave the strips with two inch strips from your second sweatshirt. Pin them, cut off the extras and then sew the whole thing up. And you’re done!

Lovely Flower Earrings

Joe Fresh perfecto jacket worn by Inherited Jeans!

Joe Fresh at jcp

Han Solo's gun holster inspired this fanny pack....and it's actually pretty badass!

I Love You tattoo... If I were to ever get one, this would be it.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! In the ideal collaboration, Koorosh came up with a Beautiful Design and Oscar Hand-crafted it. The center Diamond is held in between the two sides of the Ring on a lower curved level. The two smaller Diamonds on the sides of the Ring adds more Stylish curvature to the Custom Design. It is extremely Clean and Classic, using Modern-Style shapes to accentuate a stunning Gemstone.

Draw this only with a pin. Here is the technique – apply one or two coat of the nail polish. Then make some dots with other colors. Then just take a pin and start to make some swirls. That’s all and it comes out different anytime!

Recycle old t-shirts into cute workout tanks..