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Absolutely 80s Spotify Playlist, over 450 tracks!

In celebration of Richard Rodgers 110th Birthday enjoy this playlist which spans his musical career from "Blue Moon" to "Have You Met Miss Jones?" to "My Favorite Things" from artists ranging from Julie Andrews to Robbie Williams to The Vandals. Richard Rodgers' contributions to the musical theatre of his day was extraordinary, and his influence on the musical theatre of today and tomorrow is legendary.

Woody Guthrie wasn't a teacher, but by example he taught many a young musician what a powerful vehicle music can be for social, political, and personal change. Carrying on that tradition, as this playlist shows, are three of Woody's most accomplished "students" -- Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and John Mellencamp.

75 Songs Ft. Robert Fripp on Guitar

This playlist from the vaults is both eclectic and original. Play it before going out for best effect...

Americans are obsessed with moving. It is in the end the thing that makes them different from us Europeans. You could fill a hundred playlists with great American songs about wanting to move, having to move, regretting having moved, moving back, dreaming about moving etc etc. This is just one

Are these the best tracks of 2012 so far? Over 1,000 to choose from!

Bold as Brass: Some songs featuring, or with critically good bits for, the Horn Section

Alternative rock and pop songs spiced with some strings .

Don Williams - You're My Best Friend

Crying - The Magic Of Roy Orbison

Let's hear it for the runners-up. Here's 50 years worth of UK number 2 hits

Southern rock is a subgenre of rock music, and genre of Americana. It developed in the Southern United States from rock and roll, country music, and blues, and is focused generally on electric guitar and vocals

The Big Rumble! (Rock & Roll Radio). This playlist is a collection of my favorite Blues, R&B, Soul, Country, Doo-Wop, Folk music, Surf/Hot-rod-music & Rockabilly from the late 50s & early 60s.It's a playlist filled with wild, guitar infused tales of horror, hoodlums, homicides, high school, hooch & hot-rods, mixed with some surfboards, sinners and the super sultry Sweet Sixteen, the main themes of juvenile life in the era of Rock & Roll.

Million Selling Singles. A playlist of all UK singles that have sold over 1 million copies.

Pop Goes Acoustic. A Sunday afternoon demands a lively sound track but with the edges rounded off. This is a collection of pop, rock, disco, and other random stuff, all acoustic.

Bunch of songs from the greatest movie of all time "The Big Lebowski" including tracks not found on the official soundtrack.

Greatest Rock Vocal Performances. These are the songs where the vocalist gets to show their full talent. Their best vocal performances.

The Most Sampled Breakbeats. This is a collection of original songs that have been sampled many times for their amazing breakbeats. You’ll hear the samples in hip hop, pop, jungle, drum and bass, dance and a lot of other modern genres of music, but let’s not forget that they’re all amazing songs in their own right. Proper songs, played by proper musicians!

The Top 500 heavy metal songs of all time. The playlist is collected from Martib Popoff's great book. "The Top 500 heavy metal songs of all time is the end result of massive, WORLDWIDE POLL asking the metal minions to list their favourite heavy metal standards."

A World on Wheels is a compilation of early disco and funk. This would be the soundtrack for anyone skating Venice Beach or Los Angeles in the late 1970's. I did include some early 1980's tracks as I felt they still had the late 70s sound. Please note, I did leave out quite a bit of well know artists because I wanted people to see some of the not so well known bands in this era. This playlist defines what I believe the Los Angeles party scene were listening to at the time. Enjoy.

‘He was like the Miles Davis of the trumpet, the Jimi Hendrix of the guitar, the John Coltrane of the sax,’ reflects Joe Claussell. ‘He was the man of the turntables.’ Legend Larry Levan was one of the most creative and influential DJs in the world. Widely regarded as the man who gave birth to the art of DJing.

Best country songs of all time, over 500 songs. A good mix of famous and undiscovered country artists. This is a must for every country fan.