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Data collected from over 60,000 Canadians reveal that obesity leads to more doctor visits and ill health effects than smoking. WOW...sad to hear. Eating is often linked to emotions - start by keeping a log and see when you eat and why. Then look to see if any patterns emerge. Then think of ways that you can shift those emotions. Wellness advocate~shari

Obesity has become pandemic in the past 30 years, paralleling the use of genetic engineering, and increased pesticide use. More than 60 percent of Americans are overweight, and obesity has doubled in the past 20 years globally. Our intestines may be colonized with new microbes, making us very sick. Something is seriously wrong here and has not been seen before. Wellness Advocate~shari

The Perks Of Walking [infographic] | Daily Infographic...perfect way to stay on your journey to wellness. Wellness Advocate~shari

Obesity!!!!! Yes our animal friends are effected too! you know what a "true" portion size is?