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I hope this was a joke

20 Increíble Coco Chanel Quotes en la vida, moda, y Verdadero Estilo | StyleCaster

.the beholder......;)

Oh. ....the good old days! No worries!

Some days!

Remember The Days

Purple Everything

the good old days

Oh grandpa... you were quite the thug!

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This 'Procrastination' Box Sign is perfect! #zulilyfinds

bachelorette party ideas

Retro funny

"Married Someecards: 9 Awkward Someecards For Spouse To Spouse" **Have to admit, some of these made me chuckle a bit too loudly at work...**

9 Things You Should Never Say To Your Spouse

I hate it when this happens

Just a heads up, you're doing the killing in the house when it comes to anything that crawls or has more than two eyes

Friday Fun! ‹ Love, Bliss & Coffee

When someone gets between you and your goals, the best thing to do is pull their shirt over their head and punch them in the face a few times.

Sometimes you awesome

I decided to reward myself with a well-earned glass of wine after a long week. Then realized it was Tuesday. Morning.

YES!! Rich people complain about prices but don't understand what its like to be living paycheck by paycheck!

I Use to Care


Instagram photo by @robindavidman (robindavidman) | Iconosquare


20 Ways You Know You Are An Optimist

Actually.... I've already breezed past crazy. Right now I'm at insane on my way to madness.

Funny eCards – Yes, You’re Going To Laugh

first world problems