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Storing photos,what a great idea. I would make my sheet of images and then have them printed on a 8x10 from Hd Photo Lab,only $2.47 and free shipping..Ann

Simplified Helpful Photography Guide With Photo Cheat Sheet. If you are just getting to know your camera and what exactly all of those numbers mean + their relationship, keep practicing keep learning

Tips for how to coordinate clothing and outfits for a family photo - photography tip choosing colors

Seven Things Photographers Do To Ruin Their Photographs

Tips for Photographing your Family in the Great Outdoors #OutdoorFamilyAdventures

Scan children's artwork, shrink, print, and then frame your miniature collection

20 Question to ask your child every year on his/her birthday. Great keepsake.

How to Organize, Print and Backup YEARS Worth of Photos.

Spring Photo Inspiration and Printable photo checklist // 50 Photo Ideas for Spring.

Best photography tutorials of 2013 via Click it Up a Notch

99 common photography problems (and how to solve them)

I love this fabulous graphic that sums up all of that confusing photo stuff into a wonderful  photography 'cheat sheet'.