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1945 - 1947 Vintage McCoy Clown Cookie Jar

  • Sharon Kirby

    Condition is good. Don't know number of production.

  • Sharon Cumings

    I'd go to a local antique dealer and they could probably give you a better idea of what you could probably get for it or you could check out the prices on ebay. I am just a collector of virtual cookie jars now that I have no more room with my own 29 cookie jars. Not that much dusting with only 29 cookie jars.

  • Sharon Kirby

    Thanks for thr info.

  • Sharon Kirby

    Do I have this one in yr collection?

  • Sharon Cumings

    No, not in my personal collection but it might be in my virtual collection. I have over a thousand and I couldn't possibly remember them all.

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Clown Cookie Jar

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  • Jill Hartung

    my grandmother had this exact cookie jar!!!! I would love to find another one!

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