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secrets of biscuit baking with rumford baking powder

Giant Ice Castle in Times Square Kicks Off ‘Limited Time Magic’ at Disney Parks

The enchanted Castle Dream Lights on Cinderella Castle

OMG. I would be obsessed!!! Ultrasound machine that plugs into your smart phone.

This should be posted.

  • Ashly Griffis

    when I got my armpit tatted we did it in one go, I was laughing 90% of the time because it tickled so bad. I can't wait to get my other one done. XD

  • Kira Greener

    Never passed out with a tat, but I came close when an apprentice botched my nose piercing :S

  • Aecian Wandel

    Who the fuck passes out during a tattoo...

  • Ashley Yount

    Little silly. That's like telling someone they better not twitch. Some people can't tolerate the pain as well as others. I am a couple sessions into my half sleeve and never needed breaks, but I sure as hell took a smoke break when I got my foot done. The top of the foot was fine, but when it came to getting the arch tattooed I needed a breather. Who cares, you're getting paid for your time either way. I realize this is supposed to be funny, but some tattoo artists are huge douche bags and really do act this way.

  • Elaine Ballou

    People don't just have different psychological reactions, they have different PHYSICAL reactions. PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT. BODIES ARE DIFFERENT. Just because something doesn't hurt you that much doesn't mean it won't hurt someone else a lot more. People who are saying this is actually a good philosophy and faulting people for having different reactions to pain are truly horrible people, probably the same ones who say people with severe depression should just "snap out of it" or fault women who get epidurals during childbirth for somehow failing as mothers, because, by god, if they could do it, everyone else should be able to, too. You know, the same way that literally everyone on Earth can run a five minute mile because some people can, or swim like Michael Phelps because Michael Phelps can. Makes a lot of sense, douchebags with no empathy.

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