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Said to be some of the best chocolate buttercream frosting ever! Pinner: I tried it and it's the best I've ever made!!

Sugar Cookie Dough Frosting… oh. my. gosh. This recipe is INCREDIBLE and the flavor is spot on!

Sugar Cookie Dough Frosting | Chef in Training

I use this recipe when making my rose cake, my hydrangea cake, or any cake that I want the frosting to be able to hold its shape! This makes quite a bit, but can be refrigerated quite easily. And yes, I sometimes use half crisco/half butter. This recipe is SWEET. Super sweet. If you dont like

The Perfect Crusting Buttercream

Did this for a baby shower today. Just one letter not words. Really cute. Froze them but in a few minutes they do start to get hard to pull off without breaking. I made double what I needed and I was glad i did.

Chocolate Cupcake Recipe - Red Velvet Frosting

Sculptable frosting = buttercream that you can sculpt

French #Buttercream recipe

Table for 2.... or more: French Buttercream

"secret" for getting your cake to fall perfectly out of the pan.

Miracle Pan Release

55 Frosting Recipes at …So many new, fun and exciting ways to change up frosting!

55 Frosting Recipes | Chef in Training

Puffy Cupcakes. So that's how it's done. Nice baking tip.

How to Get a Raised Top on Cupcakes | eHow

How to Frost a Cake (Super helpful considering last time i had to frost a cake i did everything she says NOT to do.)

Whisk Kid: How to Frost a Cake

How many cupcakes will your favorite cake recipe yield? Does it make enough batter for a bundt pan?

Cake Pan Size Conversions Article -

The Absolute Best Buttercream Frosting... Ever!

The Absolute Best Buttercream Frosting... Ever!

Oreo Cream Filling. This is perfect for cakes, cookies, cupcakes or just on a spoon!

Oreo Cream Filling Nabisco Recipe

Another pinner said: Salted caramel frosting. I have a cult following because of this icing. There's a tub of this in my fridge, and on bad days, I get a spoonful. It's.just.that.good.

Blooming on Bainbridge: Salted Caramel Frosting

Wedding cake buttercream frosting...previous Pinner said... "Best cupcake icing ever." I chose to use heavy cream instead of whipping cream to help the frosting stand up a bit more added 3 Tbsp. cocoa for chocolate buttercream.

Wedding Cupcake Buttercream Recipe | Recipe Girl

How to Make Perfect Bakery style Cupcake Frosting: Thick Cream Cheese ~ in order to frost cupcakes like a bakery, you need the perfect cupcake frosting – that creamy rich frosting that stands up well for swirls and piping, looks gorgeous, lasts for a long time, and still tastes great

Brownie Frosting :-) I am going to make this for my favorite homemade brownie recipe!

Brownie Frosting