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ART: Vogue Magazine Covers

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Vogue Cover - July, 1913 Three costumed characters rest outside a costume ball in Helen Dryden's evocative illustration, which appeared on the July 1, 1913, cover of Vogue. The bright background of blues and oranges lend this scene a palpable sense of atmosphere.

Vogue Cover - March 1923 Illustration of woman in hat with purple plume, leopard skin wrap putting on gloves.

Vogue Cover - July 1915 Illustration of woman in blue and white striped skirt with orange jacket, holding pink rake on an estate lawn for HOT WEATHER FASHIONS.

Vogue - June 1920 Two women stand in front of a tennis net. One wears a purple plaid coat; the other sports a deep pink style and holds a tennis racquet. Helen Dryden's breezy illustration graced the June 1, 1920, cover of Vogue.

House & Garden Cover - May 1918 This exotic illustration by Helen Dryden graced the cover of the spring furnishing issue of House & Garden from May 1918. A woman in afternoon dress gazes out the window to the garden in full bloom.

Vogue Cover - February 1917 Illustration of woman in white, orange and black dress, hat and purple parasol - SPRING MILLINERY NUMBER.

Vogue Cover - March 1919 A woman in an elaborately draped white evening dress admires cherry blossoms. Helen Dryden's delicate and lush outdoor scene appeared on the March 15, 1919, cover of Vogue.

Vogue Cover - October 1917 Illustration of woman in art gallery with white dress, orange coat and hat - PARIS OPENINGS.

Vogue Cover - July 1917 The July 1, 1917, Vogue cover featured a Helen Dryden fashion illustration of two young women lounging in a garden, their long, full skirts flowing around them. One holds a pink parasol to block the sun, since her hat has blown a few feet away on the lawn.

Vogue Cover - October 1910 With a long graceful neck, soft hair piled high on her head, a captivating glance, and an aristocratic air, this young woman represented the feminine ideal of the time. She was commonly known as a 'Gibson Girl.' This beautiful illustration, by Helen Dryden, appeared on the October 15, 1910, cover of Vogue.

July 1, 1921 The stunning color palettes used by Helen Dryden in her fashion illustrations made for eye-catching vintage Vogue covers. Here, a woman wears a fitted black vest over a blue polka-dot dress and creates interest with red ribbons around her hat and décolletage. She holds a net containing a crab as she strolls along the beach, a tri-masted ship sailing in the background. The tranquil scene appeared on the July 1, 1921, Vogue cover, which announced the Hot Weather Fashions Number.

Vogue Cover - August 1919 Illustration of boy and girl playing badminton in country landscape.

Vogue Cover - April 1914 Helen Dryden created this vintage illustration of a fashionable lady in an orange and black wrap dress with a high collar and a fantastic hat inspecting a small blossoming tree in her garden. Dryden's works were Art Deco before the style was widely recognized. She contributed many covers and fashion illustrations to Vogue during the 1910s and '20s, including this one, which appeared on the magazine's April 1, 1914, cover.

House & Garden Cover - September 1918 Autumn Decorating Number: House and Garden logo in white on black band above tempera illustration of a painting of an 18th century male ancestor above a Victorian mantlepiece in violet; above the lower black band a copper kettle sits beside a coal fire in a raised grate.

Vogue Cover - March 1918 Illustration of woman in pink dress, black sash and hat, clipping morning glories from a garden wall - SPRING FASHIONS NUMBER.

Vogue Cover - June 1914 illustration of woman in front of ships in plaid skirt with green bird tail-like jacket , walking near luggage and bird cage for EUROPEAN TRAVEL NUMBER.

Vogue Cover - July 1914 A woman smiles wryly, wearing a striped skirt, brown coat, and plumed beige hat, as she reclines in a stylish lounge chair. A steaming cup of tea rests on a slender stand in front of her. This illustration, by Helen Dryden, appeared on the July 15, 1914, cover of Vogue.

Vogue Cover - September 1921 Two women in full dresses, fur-trimmed coats, and ribbon-accented hats stroll through a park, small dog in tow, as leaves turn color overhead. Helen Dryden's warmly evocative fall scene appeared on the September 1, 1921, cover of Vogue.

Vogue Cover - November 1920 Shielded by her luxurious brown fur coat and matching turban, a woman on the move braves the cold winter wind. This snowy street scene, illustrated by Helen Dryden, appeared on the November 1, 1920, cover of Vogue.

Vogue Cover - July 1914 A woman in a pink beret offset with cherries holds a fan while a group of butterflies flock toward her. Helen Dryden's summery scene appeared on the July 1, 1914, cover of Vogue.

Vogue Cover - June 1917 As vivid as the blue leaves above her, this woman's pink and orange ensemble shows all the fashionable details that readers need to know. In the background awaits her thatched cottage. This charming illustration, by Helen Dryden, appeared on the June 1, 1917, cover of Vogue.

Vogue Cover - October 1922 A woman in a robelike turquoise coat with orange and black detailing pets her greyhound while standing on a columned, black-and-white terrace. In the background, fall leaves show their brilliant colors. The illustration, by Helen Dryden, appeared on the October 15, 1922, cover of Vogue.