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Crazy Star Trek Shit

Resistance is futile...

WIL WHEATON dot TUMBLR — From r/StarTrek
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Leonard Nimoy

  • Siobhan Lafave

    From a person with a difficult name, I would have to say that a misspelled name is not the same as poor spelling, and will definitely not ruin the world.

  • Angie Scherffel

    i think intolerance will kill us all before poor spelling will . . .

  • Kirsten McNeally

    Intolerance has been around since the beginning of time. Hasn't killed us yet.

  • Megan Healy

    Intolerance doesn't kill people? That's news to me.

  • Kirsten McNeally

    Hasn't killed us "all". Sorry I should have been more specific.

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  • Terra Heilman

    The downside of being that tall, of course is all the times where he was hunched over to one side when coming through doorways. I bet there'd be even more of those!

  • Shae Archer

    LOL! I never noticed it either! The "Riker Sit Down" Yess!

  • Lora Friedenthal

    It helps when all the chairs in the future are below crotch height.

  • Julia Schlotel

    Hahah Riker is funny. There could also be a funny clip video of him just putting one foot up on something and leaning on his knee to talk to someone. He did that a LOT.

  • Mykal Faircloth

    How did I never notice this? Now I'm going to be looking for it on netflix.

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Resistance (to cake) is futile ...

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Red/Orange/Blue Shirt Pillows!

Geeks are Sexy Technology News
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Spock Mug/Stein Mirror Mirror by niswanderceramics on Etsy, $48.00

Nine Inch Nails + Star Trek

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The Enterprise does get mighty cold sometimes.

Bruce's Blog: My Birthday Blog Extravaganza!!!
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From the Star Trek Book of Opposites

  • Michelle Sellmeyer

    Funny. And at this time the St. Louis Science Center has a Star Trek display with the bridge of The Enterprise (empty) until people are there to pretend they are Captain Kirk and friends (full)!

To Boldly Go Where No Cookie Has Gone Before…

  • Lawrence Kwan

    There was one more, but he was unfortunately eaten while on an away mission.

Star Trek: TNG Cross Stitch Charts

  • groucho

    maybe Picard is looking knowingly at Beverly from across the bridge.

  • Ko Chun

    LOL. Stop it, Picard, you old dog!

  • Lizzy Mckean

    Even cross-stitch Picard knows he's a legend.

  • Museo Ridiculoso

    And what's with the evil Beverly? Or is that supposed to be sexy, like she's about to jump Jean-Luc?

  • Paul Domanski

    1) Wesley should be in uniform. 2) If using the grey Wesley jumpsuit, the colored stripes are missing.

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"When you reach max level, you stop leveling."

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Space Trek - a Tumblr documenting the quiet despair of the Starship Enterprise

Trexels: 235 of your favorite Star Trek characters on one pixelated poster. Limited edition of 300, available starting April 10th.

Enterprise pizza cutter.

this isn't happiness™ (Enterprise Pizza Cutter), Peteski
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Hoodie with Hidden Vulcan Salute! $40

A Hoodie With a Hidden Vulcan Salute