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Fake eyelashes

fake eyelashes how to

Fake Eyelashes 101: Everything You Need to Know About Falsies

Ban the Bumps: How to Get Rid of Bikini Bumps

7 Ways Pumpkin Boosts Your Beauty: Pumpkin Face mask recipe #diy #natural #greenbeauty

Get Pretty With Pumpkin This Fall

A great trick to make your lashes look fuller and define the eyes. Take an eyeliner, as long as it’s not a liquid formulation, and use an eyeliner brush, either flat or angled, whichever you prefer, to apply the eyeliner underneath your top eyelashes, not above them. That area is called the waterline and because it tends to be naturally wet, you will need to really work the pigment into the skin. Notice how it makes the model’s eyelashes look really dense & full in the after shot?

A Guide to Maintaining Your Beauty Tools

Clean or Toss: A Guide to Maintaining Your Beauty Tools

Makeup Tricks from Fashion Week You Can Use Everyday

Makeup Tricks from Fashion Week You Can Use Every Day

For a seamless faux lash look, rub mascara between your thumb & index finger. Then, press & sculpt your faux & natural lashes together. #PROtip

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Allure Editors' 26 Best Beauty Hacks Ever

hair care tips

Why You Should Consider Reverse Hair Washing - Daily Makeover

3 easy makeup steps you can do to highlight your eyes. Blending is key. xx #protip #eye #makeup #beauty #women #brows

6 mascara mistakes we all make - and shouldn't!

6 Mascara Mistakes We All Make — And Shouldn't - Daily Makeover

Oatmeal Facial Cleansing Scrub. I'm going to get this recipe down.

A life Balanced — Oatmeal Facial Cleansing Scrub

10 AMAZING Homemade Face Mask Recipes! I'm always in the mood for a face mask.

Homemade Face Mask Recipes for Radiant Skin