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Making fun of Twilight

Congrats, Bella.

I think this is a good plan.... but we can't forget the rest of the Twilight cast.....



Snark! :)

you know you laughed




So Giles has said, so it shall be. :)

30 Reasons 'The Hunger Games' is NOT 'Twilight'. Great, salient points!

LOL! I actually really like the books. It's the movies I poke fun at.




The 10 best charts and graphs that mock the Twilight series. Kind of funny if you are definitely not a fan.


harry potter/twilight: leave no survivors

YES, thank you Tom Felton!

*high five*

And then Buffy staked Edward...The End.

Harry Potter Funnies

Tom Riddle was scarier as a student than any of the villians in Twilight.