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TECHNIQUE: Gathering Fabric the proper way and the cheating way | MADE

look, a pleated denim pillow... yay!!! tutorial for this and a couple others plus how to make a zipped cover.

Easy instructions for how to start handsew 16th century German clothing

Basic stitches for handsewing

How to Make Dorothea's 1515 Pleatwork Hemd Smock with Cord Tufts and Tassels: Pattern and Tutorial Part 1

Renika's golden smocked hemd

The following images, provided by Kass McGann of Reconstructing History, offer a visual tutorial for creating a Regency style smocked chemis...

Kampfrau in progress. Smocked linen apron.


Pleated Embroidered (Smocked) Apron: Mock-Up #1

Medieval Silkwork: Smocked apron tutorials

A lovely site on pleatwork embroidery, make sure to take a look at the men's shirt's article, lots of pictures in it. Aprons would make fun mid-late period largess, and are much quicker than shirts/shifts.

Pleatwork embroidery (smocking) with linen thread. [From a post about hand-sewing on a Landsknecht / trossfrau reenactor's blog.]

pleatwork embroidered collar

ca. 1520 Detail of smocking on the Mary of Hungary gown. Tiny pleats and tiny stitches. Here's a different link that shows more photos and some descriptions: frazzledfrau.glit...

Pattern For a High-Collared Unterhemd with Honeycomb Pleatwork | The German Renaissance of Genoveva

Amalie's Assortment--this is basically patterned smocking!