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Kalliope Magazine - A Consortium of New Voices

Kalliope's exploration of Genius was guest edited by Marisa Roper and features writing by Marisa Roper, Evan Bisbee, Anissa Voron and Shavawn M. Berry. Editorial contributions were made by Shavawn M. Berry, Vic De Luz, Evan Bisbee, Anissa Voron and Marisa Roper. Additional editing was done by my Technical Editing class this fall. Contributors to the issue are Madison Alexander, Natalie Amato, Mariko Bigler, Zachary Bernstein, Michael Robinson, Vic De Luz, and Mara Ray Michael.

The Art issue, guest edited by Evan Bisbee, is now available on Kalliope's website! Feast your eyes on the works of many talented artists, writers, poets, and photographers as we investigate the question: What is art? The issue discusses pop stars, music videos, digital/traditional photography, the form and function of paintings, architecture, mixed martial arts, and body art. Ideas for "filling the well" artistically are provided in a handy "Artist's Toolkit." It's a beauty, this one.

Our first issue for fall is now available on the web site. It features articles on translation, the allure of a decent vocabulary, body language, the powerful draw of dictionaries, bad language, the importance of learning a second language, tech talk, and lots of other captivating information on how language touches our lives every single day. It is a labor of love, this issue. Enjoy! -- Shavawn M. Berry, Managing Editor

Urban Legends: Fact or Fiction? Ever wondered if we really landed on the moon? What about whether little green men are kidnapping cattle and doing experiments on them? In Urban Legends, Kalliope's writers examine everything from "Nessie" the Loch Ness Monster to the legend of Bloody Mary. It features writing by Elinor Dirette, Josh Givens, Courtney McAferty and Kristianne Young. Editing was done by Shavawn M. Berry, Courtney McAferty, Rebekah Layton, Elinor Dirette and Monica Vainauskas.

Submerged. This issue of Kalliope explores underwater restaurants, prehistoric sea creatures, submarines, shipwrecks, Atlantis, Venice, and a trio of blood-curdling shark movies, to name just a few of this issue's tasty bits. It features writing by Courtney McAferty, Elinor Dirette, Rebekah Layton and Monica Vainauskas. Editing was done by Shavawn M. Berry, Courtney McAferty, Josh Givens, and Kristianne Young. Dive in! The water's fine.

The magazine's mission is to foster new writers -- allowing them the opportunity to publish work that offers hope, creativity, a sense of community and a voice for change. There is already enough bad news in the world. Kalliope means to uplift -- to inspire -- and to develop innovative, powerful, world-changing voices. kalliopemagazine....

Kalliope means "beautiful-voiced." It is the name of one of the nine muses. She is also the goddess of eloquence and the muse of epic poetry. In all depictions of Kalliope, she is seen holding a writing tablet.

The fourth 'mini' issue of Kalliope is now posted to the web site. You can find it under the tab for Spring 2012 Issues 4 - 6. Two more mini issues will be posted soon at kalliopemagazine.... . The May 2012 issue of Kalliope features writing by Courtney Clithero, Courtney Dalley, Dario Romero, and Megan Kiwor. It features the editorial contributions of Shavawn M. Berry, Courtney Clithero, Denise Parker, and Ofure Ikharebha.

This issue is focused around travel and features writing by Courtney Clithero, Denise Parker, David Martinez, Dario Romero, and Ofure Ikharebha. Editing was done by Megan Kiwor, Courtney Dalley, and Dario Romero. Ever wondered what one might encounter on a bus ride in rural Brazil? What about navigating a flood from the backseat of a car in Nigeria? This issue runs the gamut from Disneyland to the Oregon Vortex to the Coral Castle; there's something for all kinds of travelers. Enjoy the ride!

Heroes, the second of six 'mini' issues is currently available on our web site. Heroes features writing and editing by Jerry West, Lindsey Griggs, Rachel Morrow, and Beatriz Chavez. Guest editing was done by Shavawn M. Berry, Rachel Blataric, Nancy Olivarria, and Graham Green.

Time after Time, is currently available on our web site. Time After Time features writing and editing by Rachel Blataric, Nancy Olivarria, and Graham Green. Guest editing was done by Shavawn M. Berry, Jerry West, Lindsey Griggs, Rachel Morrow and Beatriz Chavez. Kick back with reviews of the best time travel movies (and the worst ones) as well as articles on Cern's Hadron Collider, famous time travelers, and time machines and how to use them effectively.