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How to Dress like a Chubby Girl Should

Indie, alternative, fashionable, stylish and unique plus size fashions up to size 5X. Includes jewelry and accessory ideas!

Too awesome for words. So Mad Men!| Size 0-26W

Mitred pleat front dress

J'adore this plus-sized striped flare shirt. Up to 3X.

Polka-dotted awesomeness. 3X. | Ruche

Daisy print plus size dress. Up to 3X. $24.50

Women's Plus Size Clothing at Forever 21+ - 2000041874

Cool tunic with a fantastic print. Size 22. Plus sized.

Pretty wrapped chiffon plus size top. 3X. $69

Love this polkadot plus sized top. Sheer. Sexual. Favorite! 4X.

  • Chela Castilleja

    This is how a chubby girl should not dress

  • Felicia Francis-Edwards

    Why shouldnt a chubby girl dress like this Chela? My daughter has an eclectic style and gets criticizes constantly. Would it be ok for a super thin girl to dress like this? I just curious

Lacy plus sized fun! 3X. $27.80

Women's Plus Size Clothing at Forever 21+ - 2000040592

I love fire-engine red. Plus-sized. $24.80

Adorable pleated knit plus size skirt. 3X

Olivia Moon Pleated Knit Skirt (Plus) | Nordstrom

Cute and only $24.80. Up to size 3X

Women's Plus Size Clothing at Forever 21+ - 2000034198

I liked this dress upon first glance, then I saw the back and loved it. Plus sized. Up to Size 22.

ASOS Curve | ASOS CURVE Midi Dress with Cross Back at ASOS
  • Kellie O.

    I looooooove interesting backs on dresses and tops!

Don't get between me and this bow dress. So adorable. Plus sized. Up to 3X.

Take a bow dress

Pretty plus sized chiffon top.

Cream And Black Lace Trim Chiffon Top | Torrid

Cool cut out plus sized dress. $24

NEW ARRIVALS - 2011409045

Excellent shoes.

Seychelles Freesia at

Great plus sized top for a cute sailor look. Up to size 22/24.

Sailor's lover blouse- Plus Size- In Stock

Got this in the mail today. It's spectacular. A really cool plus sized piece. Much more delicate than it looks online!