Root cellar veggies

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How to build an above ground cellar

How to build a root cellar - **one 'dry' can storage room & one 'wet' root storage room**

zeer pot fridge - an alternative to a fridge for off grid life

A concrete safe room in a basement

Wouldn't this be the best root cellar ever??????? And enchanting place to head out to for potatoes, onions & pickled goodies!

Choose a cordwood earth sheltered root cellar with a Sedum roof, built into the hillside. Unusual and unique, this little root cellar stays at a comfortable 15-20 degrees Celsius in the summer, and above freezing in the winter, even without added heat. The cordwood walls on the front keep the temperature from fluctuating too much, making it the ideal place to store organic vegetables for the winter. Deep snow will help insulate it.

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