Idea: Social Studies community cups - students can visualize the microcosm of a city on the globe.

printable map of the USA - LOTS of FREE printables, a lot of them for kids. Coloring pages, craft ideas, ect.

Longitude & latitude rap! My kids love this!

Art and Fluency (informational reading), Tests and Timelines, 13 American Heroes are included in this unit. Perfect for MLK Day, President's Day, Black History Month, and Hero of the Week/ Character education. (Common Core)

How to organize for interactive Common Core journals.

Interactive Notebook for social studies...great ideas here!

This is a great site for students to go to in order to learn about landforms and bodies of water...They'll love it because it was created by other students!!!

Good idea - Use nesting tupperware boxes to illustrate the concepts of House, Town, State, Country, Continent, Planet.

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