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Shelby Georgopoulos

Shelby Georgopoulos

The Animaniacs. Welcome to one of the main places my sense of humor came from.

Vibrant red and green aurora borealis above the birch tree forest in Fairbanks, Alaska.

The Wrong One - Princess kissing Frog at

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Kathryn Trotter - Love the Rain, Colors (especially the red and green), Brush Strokes, Cute Belt, Bare Shoulders, Dancer-llike Pose (crossed legs on the toes) with a Flouncy Skirt Made for Twirling, Olive Skin, Dark Hair...GORGEOUS - all of it!

As long as there's some sort of message, or that is speaks to you somehow, you know it's art done right... Though there is no such thing as "messing up" in art.

Original Folk Art Mixed Media Canvas Overflow by DUDADAZE Artwork and words ©dianeduda/dudadaze

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