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I wish my love life was that successful!

Hunger Games valentine's from butthorn.tumblr.c...

Hunger Games String Art, when you make this, may the odds be ever in your favor!

"On the seventy-fifth anniversary, as a reminder to the rebels that even the strongest among them cannot overcome the power of the Capitol, the male and female tributes will be reaped from their existing pool of victors."

The Hunger Games District outfits I never really did see a couple of these while watching the movie

One direction and The Hunger Games

I like to believe that Gale never married. I know that's a sad fate to wish upon somebody, but I would love to know that although he left her that he lived the rest of his life in love with the Mockingjay.

AHHHH! hahaha Peeta Pan! it's even more fun to say it out loud

SPOILER ALERT: don't read this if you haven't read Mockingjay!

I'm obsessed with Hunger Games/Disney crossovers. Best. Movies. ever.

I have always said that Josh must become a polygamist, as it's unfair for him to have onlyy one wife lol

I have to admit they would be cute together but she has a couple of years on him. :/

if i don't marry josh... these two are perfect for each other