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if it hits home, i posted it for you!

Things I wish to say to a few people. I know you look at all things I am involved in. Unlike you I have nothing to hide!!! :D Happy snooping!!!

(Too perfect!) Once a cheater always a cheater, he didn't change just for you. He Is still cheating and your stupid.

once a cheater, always a cheater!! Truth!!

Funny Friday Quotes Pinterest

I think you've once again mistaken your Facebook status for your therapist.

Pathetic lives create pathetic lies. People who create drama are either jealous or unhappy with themselves.

Never underestimate my ability to know a lie when I hear it... just because I don't call you on it, doesn't mean I am fooled.

keep calm and carry on, but it should say "cowgirl boots"

YESSSSS! This shit pisses me off! Texting and being on the phone is supposed to keep you connected but IM HERE AND RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!! How does whoever is texting you deserve your time more than me?!?

A common excuse for self-preservation through disobedience is offense. There is a false sense of self-protection in harboring an offense. It keeps you from seeing your own character flaws because the blame is deferred to another. You never have to face your role, your immaturity, or your sin because you see only the faults of the offender.

I would rather hear the truth from the beginning, no matter how bad it it might be. Liars are THE WORST people!! If they lie to you, they DO NOT respect you.

If your inspirational quote has grammar errors, its not inspirational.

I'm somewhat of a bullshitter myself, but occasionally, I like to listen to a real pro. Please carry on.

Maybe part of the problem is your negative attitude towards life. BE HAPPY! Suck it up!! Everyone has problems, and a lot have more than you!