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What do you appreciate and what do you ignore? Is a sunrise any less special because its image wouldn’t make it on a magazine cover? Is any day less precious because, in your mind, “nothing special happened?” For some reason, it’s hard to be impressed with anything these days. Driving a car is a source of strain instead of wonder. The internet is already old news. Quick, when was the last time you paid attention to a space shuttle flight? Remember when that was all people could talk about? Once

When you first start exercising, you're not going to be the fastest runner on the block. But that doesn't matter! What does matter is that you're taking an important step to improve your health, and that's a huge accomplishment. Take pride in the fact that you're taking your life in your own hands, no matter what pace you're going.

Sometimes, the amount of time we spend procrastinating is much longer than the amount of time it would take to actually do the thing we're putting off! Do yourself a favor and just do it--now, not tomorrow. You'll get a lot more done, and will see much faster results!

Think about looking in a mirror. How many of us get depressed when we notice a new gray hair or a new wrinkle in our forehead? Now, take a moment to think about what you can’t see in a mirror…are you allowing wrinkles to appear in your soul? There are many ways that this can happen from worrying too much to not pursuing a life of purpose. One of the most common ways to wrinkle the soul is to give up enthusiasm. You should always be trying to show enthusiasm for whatever you do. Sometimes this is

What gets you excited or fired up? Does the rest of your life support what you are passionate about? It is sometimes hard to do things like your job or school if you are not passionate about them. Is there anything you can do about it? This depends on your situation. Can you find aspects of your job that you are passionate about? Or can you go out and look for another job that better meets your purpose. Whatever you do, take some time to think about what gets you fired up, then let that help you

Stress happens. No matter how organized you are, how good your systems are, or how friendly your work and living environments are, stress can find a way to poke its ugly head in from time to time. What can you do? Turn to a convenient Stress Buster – a small, simple activity that clears your head and calms you down. When you feel a stress attack coming on, it’s the perfect time to turn to one of these busters and kick that stress out the door.

7 Simple Stress Busters

Want to put a smile on someone’s face, or make someone’s day? It’s easier than you think. All it takes is saying something nice. A compliment does things to a person’s self-esteem and state of mind that is immeasurable. What happens to you when a nice thing is said about you? You feel good, of course. But what gives a compliment an even bigger impact is when it’s unexpected. When someone comes out of the blue to say ‘good job,’ or a person you do not even know gives you a compliment, it’s likely

Many of us begin thinking about the true value of time when it is already to late. We notice how much time we’ve wasted at the end of each day. We can think of the ways we used time to do needless worrying, unnecessary complaining, and many other common daily time wasters. Make a new goal to start recognizing the true value of time. Set up a program that will allow you to get your work done and use every extra minute for enjoyment. We all know that procrastination is one of the most common mista

In our busy society, it is sometimes hard to take time to cook. We all too often take advantage of the nearest fast food restaurant and then eat on the way to our next appointment. Think about the magic that can appear in the kitchen. This week, make the time to cook your favorite meal. Get creative and try a new recipe. Try baking a cake or making a homemade pizza.A meal can be 100% better when you spend time creating it yourself. You will also find that the more you cook at home, the more nutr

Think about something that irritates you. What is it that bothers you? Is it the person that talks about fitness too much or the person that never seems to have to stay late at the office? Ask yourself why this bothers you. We spend a lot of our time analyzing the actions of others, but most of the things that annoy us are actually problems we have with ourselves. For example, if someone you know talks about how much weight they’ve lost on their new nutrition plan and this frustrates you, it mig

Slow and Steady Do you ever get frustrated that you're working so hard but not seeing results as quickly as you'd wish? Many people don’t realize that they're building a foundation for their health and that success will not happen overnight. It is a slow process in which you are constantly building and learning. It is extremely important to create a foundation that will remain strong even in times of crisis. That takes time! Remind yourself that you only fail if you quit…otherwise it is a lea

No More Excuses It’s been said that some of the smartest people make lousy entrepreneurs. How can that be? The problem is that some people are so smart they can easily predict all of the problems, roadblocks and hurdles they’ll need to overcome to succeed. They can think of all kinds of reasons why an idea won’t work. This foresight can crush possibilities and dreams. When you want something, do you focus on the positive things, or the barriers? To reach your goals, you have to really want th

Practice Gratitude How often do you remember the people that have made things possible for you? It is easy to take our privileges for granted. Over the next couple days, try to be aware of your surroundings—everything from the food you eat to the place you live—and who has made them helped you get where you are today. Let someone know that you truly appreciate their efforts in shaping who (and where) you are today.

Never Too Late People are reaching new goals every day. You don’t have to be young to accomplish all of your dreams. Think that you are “past your prime?” Think again. Always wanted to run a marathon? Start training today. Always dreamed of owning your own company? Start small with the resources you have, and work for it. Reaching goals is a series of progressive acts. It might take days, it might take weeks, and it might even take years. But with the right attitude and a little bit of ambiti

Make It a Habit Personal improvement, whether it’s weight loss or fitness, is about creating or losing a habit. It shouldn't be thought of as a short-term event. People diet until they lose 20 pounds, and then stop the smart eating and exercise strategies that got them there. Once they reach their goal, they go back to the way they lived before and wonder why the weight comes back. For permanent change, habits need to stick around for the long run. With repetition and time, a single action wi

Don't Compare Yourself to Others Do you hold yourself to the standards of other people, wishing you could be better than them? Maybe this is motivating you, but it's a better idea is to compete against yourself. How about pushing yourself to eat healthier or walk longer after dinner each day? Set goals to "compete" against yourself. You select the end result that you want. Then, it is up to you—and only you—to work to achieve those goals. You'll be pushing yourself towards greatness, not crea

The Mind-Body Connection Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach before a big presentation? If you have, then you know that the stomach reacts to the brain. When a person continuously stimulates his mind and exercises his body, he will find himself better-equipped to handle any hurdles that arise. To exercise your mind each day, you could keep a journal, solve a puzzle, or listen to classical music. Most people know that exercising the body is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Health is Happiness Have you ever thought about the connection between happiness and good health? Most of us would probably agree that there is a connection, but many of us who feel unhappy don't want to take the time to build a foundation of good health. Good health can be the launching pad for great things. Think about when you are feeling under the weather. It is hard to stay on track and consistent with your goals when your body isn't up to the challenge. It is extremely important to make

Many people find it hard to accept a compliment or praise when they are just doing something they should’ve done anyways. For example, if someone praises you for exercising or eating do you take it? Do you allow yourself to celebrate your success or do you think I don't deserve praise; I'm just doing what I should? If you don't allow yourself to celebrate your victories, no matter if they seem like common sense or not, you might find it difficult to remain consistent to your goals, e

Have you ever taken a minute to think about how much you've grown up over the course of your life? If you haven't, take some time today and surprise yourself. Sometimes we may feel like we've made no progress in our lives, but this probably isn't true. Have you grown up from a small child who needed to be held to an adult who can stand on their own? Think about it another way. When you were small and someone asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" How did you answer? Think about what y

Memory can be used for good or for evil. If you use your past as a source of learning, it’s worth remembering. If, however, all you do is mull over your mistakes and punish yourself for your failures, it’s a waste of time. Rehashing failure can paralyze you in mortal fear of making another mistake. Which, of course, just makes this worse and practically guarantees future letdowns. The key to goal achievement is to pay more attention to the future than to the past. Have you ever noticed that the

Consistency is an action that is often overlooked by society.

Strong citizens make a strong community. That’s a gimme. But have you ever thought of how strong communities create strong citizens? One possible shortcut to your own self-improvement may be to improve your surroundings first. When you improve something – anything – in your community, you’re building your resource base. It becomes a source of energy, talent and support that you can draw on for years to come. You and your neighbors can all learn more, improve more, achieve more when you work toge

Do you go to work each day grudgingly, or do you approach things with a cheerful attitude and view them as challenges? This distinction can really make a difference. You’ll waste more energy complaining about or dreading something than if you were to just go ahead and get it done. You’ll make better use of your time, as well, by just going for it. Are there days when you sit at work or somewhere else just looking at the clock, the minutes creeping by? This could be because you are avoiding your