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Using Positivity to Eliminate Negative Words #fightfattalk

Using Positivity to Eliminate Negative Words & Thoughts

My Favorite Things - The Must Haves - Sweet Sweat Bands and Headphone Pouch

My Favorite Things - The Must Haves

Anyone tried the FitBit out? Let me know! I am interested in trying one out.

  • Andrea Heyfron

    I love mine! I have the One. it's addicting. I love the awareness it creates about your movement and activity. It keeps me moving.

  • Alathia Carroll

    I have a One. It's the most accurate pedometer I've ever had. I accidentally washed it, too. Once it dried out, it still works.

  • Jen Heikkila

    love mine! i esp love the sleep feature that shows how many times you wake and are restless.

  • Kari Andrews

    I love mine!!! I have the One and i love that it can monitor my sleep along with all of its bells and whistles! Love the computer component, too!!

  • Sheila Mitchell

    I love mine. I even do water aerobics in it. I've been using it since April and it really gets me moving more!

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My favorite healthy treats right now #healthysnacks

A Few of My Favorite Things - Midyear Mashup

What's a Russian twist?

  • Mikka Alvarez

    Sit on the floor, knees bent lift your feet off the floor and lean back for balance. Then turn twist towards your right side, then back to the other

  • Lacey Fiegle

    make sure and keep your back straight. And if you're a beginner keep your feet flat on the floor. Also helps if you use medicine ball to twist from side to side, letting the ball barely touch the floor.

  • Sally Allnutt

    I don't know but it sounds dangerous! Lol

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Fit and Healthy with Debbie: Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Muffins *no flour or sugar

Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Muffins - Fit and Healthy with Debbie

weight loss update - The House of Smiths

House of Smiths Happenings + An Artsy Weekend
  • Shell N Charlie Wade

    You are doing an awesome job, I wish I could find something to motivate myself. I do go to zumba 3 nights a week and the other 4 I just sit around and mope. I recently celebrated my 1st anniversary being smoke free, but I have gained 50 lbs and I weigh 240 and I feel miserable, but I don't do anything about it. Congratulations on your battle and I wish you continued success with your constant battle.

  • Angela Braverman

    @ Shell. Baby Steps! Concentrate on how exercising makes you feel. Slowly you'll notice more energy, the desire to eat healthier and build a healthy body, and you might even meet new friends along the way. DO NOT worry about the weight. If you get yourself there and get moving the weight will come off! Good Luck!

The House of Smiths - Lifestyle coach planning

Blogger on a Diet - Video, Truth & Answers

The House of Smiths - 70lb mark

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