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wish I knew this years ago- Right after using the grill, unplug it and place a wet double-sheet of paper towel between the lid and the surface. The leftover heat causes the towel to steam and clean the grill. Wiping it dry with another paper towel is all that’s needed. I'm going to try with waffle iron.

There are files taking up storage on your phone that you don't even know exist. Make sure you're conserving storage by eliminating them from your device.

What to Remove First When Your Phone Storage Is Full

I pretty much follow this...people ask me how I manage to keep a clean house. Heres my answer

Cleaning Schedule Architecture: Building One that Works for You

How to remove rust spots from knives

Remove Rust Spots from Knives and Silverware with Lemon Juice

Learning numbers with the 'What's Missing?' game - great for recognizing numbers

Learning Numbers with the 'What's Missing?' Game

Soak a paper towel in vinegar and wrap around sink fixtures for about an hour to remove hard water stains

Home Made Modern: 10 Tricks for a Clean House

Pourable mason jar DIY-- SO smart!

"Line your raised bed with chicken wire to keep out gophers and moles." I got a roll of chicken wires today for the raised beds. 2013 Garden is coming together slowly buy surely.

Blog - Destination Wedding Blog, DIY Wedding Ideas - Jetting to the Wedding

Where to buy bulk candy in all of one color...BEST WEBSITE EVER

Pink Candy From Temptation Candy

Painting kitchen cabinets, they put thumb tacks on the backs of the cupboards, so they could flip sides and paint A LOT faster, they rested on the thumbtacks instead of the ground.

How to dye hair with Koolaid i have already done the red and just fyi it takes forever to come out its been 3 or 4 months since i did mine and nothing will get it out i still love doing it the koolaid way but my mom is not letting me anymore now she is making me just get colored hair extensions but still both ways are cool just the extensions dont hurt your hair as much :D

cozy coupe redesign tutorial - The How To! Perfect for baby a.

DIY Gel Nails. She does Gel coat, Color coat, Gel coat, Color coat, Top coat, Gel coat. Use thin coats and let dry about a min before putting on next coat. Take off with 100% acetone polish remover.

Shortest route to both U.S. coasts through all 48 states. I will do this trip one day!

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