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pink + Aztec Print = yes!

So true! Great reminder

So you lied about what you did, how you felt, who you were, and basically pretended to be a fake person who didn't exist, but you're calling ME "crazy." Okay.

Why thank you for reminding me about all the heartbreak I went through to get to these points.

im not mentally ready for mockingjay! i will be in constant tears from start to finish

Stefan will be the only option in the end

Vampire diaries ♥ OH Stefan and Elena!!!

Vampire diaries ♥ OH Stefan and Elena!!!

So true..Because in every relationship there comes a point when the damage is too much and no matter how good it once was, the memories can’t sustain you. You have to save yourself knowing all the while it hurt like hell. because you can’t keep giving someone everything if you get nothing in return.

Words of encouragement

I admit I get a small rush of joy when I open the dryer to find the clothes still damp. It's the like the dryer is procrastinating for me.

Find these and I'll put baby in toms!!

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Or, as Rainer Maria Rilke said, “If your daily life seems poor do not blame it; blame yourself that you are not poet enough to be able to call forth its riches; for the Creator there is no poverty.”

Just Saying

Sippy cup that looks like a starbucks cup, just too adorable

Born with a reading list…

Forget phone calls, emails, and texts. Lately, my sister and I communicate solely by sending each other Pinterest pins.

I don't turn into one. I AM a hardcore gangsta rapper!