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Yet again me being honest, and saying what I feel or am going to do the right thing and not surprise...bit me in the ass....every time its only revenge thought of or "one upping"....thanks for continuing to prove who you really are...and that your words mean will soon be done and you wont be able to hurt me anymore

Well said

Listen, smile, agree.

To all girls who want to date my sons: I worked hard raising them. I love them the way they are. If you want to change them, KEEP WALKING. From, Their Mother.

And that's what you're doing. Working "very limited" hours *cough cough* under the table *cough cough*. That's why they invented private investigators. Don't will go to jail for this too.

Yes! play is very serious. from cleveland homeschooler blog.

That's laughable.... <-- I watched the first 3 seasons of supernatural in 10 days and on one day I watched 10 in one day. She is weak

Beauty should be based on strength. . Not looks

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You+do+realize+that+even+though+I'm+a+working+mom,+I+still+have+to+cook,+grocery+shop,+do+laundry,+run+my+children+to+their+ activities+AND+ work+too,+right?

I do not make films primarily for children. I make them for the child in all of us, whether we be six or sixty.

Unfortunately, I understand this quote!

sorry not sorry

timing with him and me just wasn't the best, i told him a little to late, and he admitted way too late..

Scorpio. This reminds me of a Scorpio friend. He can be sweet or hellacious, depending upon who he's dealing w/ & the circumstances. Hurt his family or good friends = he'll rain hell on ya. Treat him w/ kindness & he'll reflect the same back to you.

Now it all makes perfect sence! NEPTUNE in SCORPIO; VENUS & MARS in CANCER in the 8th HOUSE OF SCORPIO. Yup thats me

"He calls me beautiful like its my name...#love" <--- I love this but have no idea what board to put it on!

Everything became even more beautiful with you when I fell in love with you David