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Fixing knitting mistakes. DVD from Interweave. Perhaps a precursor for tackling some courageous projects.

Just look at those owls! LOOK AT THEM. top-10-amazing-knitting-patterns_04

When adding a new color, never knot! Instead, join new yarns neatly and invisibly at the beginning of a row. Knots have a way of coming untied and working themselves to the front of your work when you least expect it. We recommend this method: Place the needle into the stitch, dropping the old yarn and picking up the new yarn, leaving a 4-inch tail to be woven in.

versus: Organic Cotton Facecloth Tutorial with Guest Melynda of French Press Knits

I love this knit stitch. Cast on multiples of 4. Knit all right side (odd) rows. Row 2 and 4: p1k3 across. Row 6 and 8: k2, *p1k3 across to end, end with p1k1. Repeat 8 rows for pattern. Or for Row 6 and 8, start with a k1 and end with p1k2

An encyclopedia of 211 (WOW!) ways to cast on and bind off.

A new stitch a day...I need to get out the knitting needles!