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Cans tied to our wedding car :)

Bridal shower game?...Who is up first in the morning? Who takes longer to get ready? Who appologizes first after an argument? Who said "i love you" first? Who mentioned marriage first? Who makes all the decisions? Who is the messiest? Who wears the pants in the relationship? Who is more into their looks? Who spends more money? Who likes to shop more? Who has the bigger wardrobe? Who is grumpier in the morning? Who does most of the cooking? Who is the better driver? Who cleans more? Who gave w...

cute ideas here. SATC themed party. Gift bags for games with characters of SATC.

fruit bar {bridal, baby shower, or brunch}

homemade candles in teacups :)

Jelly Bean Cocktail Mixers: awesome favors to SATC theme bridal shower or any bridal shower

Cool Bean® Jelly Bean Cocktail Mixers

Are you throwing a Sex and the City bridal Shower?  If so, consider serving cosmopolitan cocktail jellybeans.  They can be used in the decor as well as for party favors.  We all know that Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte are the ones who made the drink popular anyway.  So why not serve the edible NON-ALCOHOLIC version of the drink?  You can serve it along with the actual drink or instead of it.   There are several boutiques that carry the specialty jellybeans such as Beauc

sex and the city: could put pics of bride on other side, or even put shoes, bags, etc on from with SATC logo

rivernorthLove: Sex And The City Themed Bachelorette

pimp my cupcake game: everyone decorates cupcake : bride choices the best: winner get prize: everyone gets to eat a cupcake :)

rockstar bridal shower:::converses :)

If you want to make pushup cakes (and who doesn't), you can buy these pushup pops from Shop Sweet Lulu.