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this webpage shares all the details of an excitingly organized classroom library...LOVE it!

Maintenance-Free Library

Positive reinforcement bead system - students earn beads to participate in Fun Friday. So far this has worked wonderfully!

The Bead Reinforcement System -

Tattle poster - Do I need to tell the teacher? Yes/No list. Love this!

The Silver Lining: Tattle Poster - FREEBIE!

She has some FANTASTIC ideas here on organizing your classroom.

Mrs. Terhune's First Grade Site!: Organization

pickles and ketchups--On Fridays, place them on the board. Anyone who has turned in all of their assignments is a "pickle" so write their name under the pickle sign. Anyone who is missing an assignment has their name placed under the ketchup bottle. Pickles can "pick" a fun game or activity, while "ketchups" catch up on missing work. It is amazing how quickly assignments come in!

Pickles and Ketchup Printable

Awesome stations!!

Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!: Pandora in the Classroom

Do this at the beginning of the school year so kids knows how to handle books. This of course will vary by age

Sight word assessment. Words are typed into a power point so the kids don't get overwhelmed by the long list.

Extra Special Teaching: Sight Word Assessment (freebie)

Ideas for greeting students to Increase Engagement and classroom community

Classroom Confetti: Case of the Missing...

Classroom Confetti: Case of the Missing...

Make a Shoebox Football Game

Make a Shoebox Foosball Game - Frugal Fun For Boys

Handwriting practice - numbers to 10 also included!


FREE. Open a positive line of communication with parents from Day 1. Have parents fill out this simple note at Meet the Teacher night so you can learn about their child before the year even begins.

TheHappyTeacher: Back to School Communication & Elapsed Time

DIY Shampoo Bottle Monster Pencil Holder. Love this idea!

Building Rapport on Meet Your Teacher Night. Simple strategies to build relationships from the moment you meet parents and students.

classroom organization ideas middle school - Google Search

25 Clever Classroom Tips For Elementary School Teachers

Say a word and students hold up which vowel sound they heard- great for quick assessment of which vowels they know/do not know!

Queen of the First Grade Jungle: Short Vowels and Much More

Mrs. Cates' Kindergarten: Beginning Of The Year - night before school letter (so cute) neat way to display morning afternoon jobs

Mrs. Cates' Kindergarten: Beginning Of The Year

Book Retriever - This app allows you to scan, level and inventory your entire classroom library. Leveling choices include Guided Reading Levels, Lexile, Accelerated Reader, Reading Counts, DRA and Reading Recovery.

Book Retriever on the App Store on iTunes