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Some people are so afraid to show and to share who they really are. After I made my depressive/anxiety disorder my public platform some individuals thought I should be 'better than that', 'rise above it as a Christian leader,' but in my heart I know the number of people I related to far outweighed the risk. Famous movies quotes poster.

About Last Night by Ruthie Knox

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My favorite thing. Knowing that its okay if I'm lost. I can wander aimlessly trying to live my life or go on adventures. And God will always lead me. He is that parent who will always be there, watching me and making sure that I don't run too far in the wrong direction.

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Clementine von Radics for all the people I love in my life; every last one of you..

I am a better person from the all the hardship in my life. It's made me Better not bitter.

Exactly what I was searching for today. Words of wisdom when you feel you cant possibly dig any deeper for the strength it will take to get through this!

Life Quotes - Hard Things in Life - Pema Chodron | The Silver Pen

— Leila Sales

Dear Ocean ...

#SWELLivin | Swell Blog

Never say goodbye, because saying goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting.. Peter Pan

- wise words -

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Always fun finding people you don't know making memes out of quotes from one of your books!

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