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Back In The Day

Do you remember making flowers out of Kleenex?

Making Clover Flower Bracelets

Pink vintage kitchen.

I can smell you Daddy. Mighty fine.

Bobsey Twins

Betsy Wetsy Tiny Tears Dolls. Wish I still had my tiny tears doll.

Hopscotch. Played daily all summer.

Well used around our house growing up.

So lovely to remember these old school Santas.

Mitt and Ann Romney getting married over 40 years ago.

We got new ones every year right before school started.

We were so cute in our Dale Evans outfits. Boots too.

  • Claudine

    My brother and I each had cowboy and cowgirl black satin outfits with white trim and fringe like these . My oldest daughter wore mine for Halloween once wwhen she was a little girl. I wish I had a photo of me in mine compare our pictures

  • Sherrie Empey

    I need to dig our pics out. My sister and me at 6 and 3. Red dresses of course.

Betsy Wetsy Tiny Tears Dolls

The Flip!

Pick Up Stix by Nicholas Herbert. Hours of fun!

Bobsey Twins

"Here's the church, and here's the steeple, open the doors and here's all the people!"

Vintage, retro, nostalgic.....what ever you call these games, you'll remember these classic old games you played when you...

Childhood memories.

Old Maid card game...I remember that face! This is exactly the Old Maid deck I had as a kidding!