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Author Sherrie Miranda

Author Sherrie Miranda

I am currently revising & editing my historically based, coming of age novel about an American girl who goes to El Salvador during the civil war there. I also a

25 Awesome Upcycled Creations

from Iryna with love

  • Author Sherrie Miranda

    Iryna, I know you speak English. Is it possible to get a translation of this? I am assuming it says oranges are good for shins, blueberries are good for the knees, but what if I am wrong?!

  • Iryna Sharanevych-Vantsa

    OK,Left side from top down :1.salmon, sardines and walnuts r good for brain,2.banans help if u have muscle pain ,red meat, eggs, tofu and any fish r good to build muscle,3.broccoli, brussels sprout and chinese cabbage r very good for lungs,4.blueberries, salmon and green tea - for skin . Right side from top down 1. all dark green vegetables, beans and salmon r good for hair,2.corn,yellow part of egg and carrot- for eyes,3.tomatoes, baked potato and prune juice goof for heart, 4. orange, milk, celery good for bones ! done!

  • Iryna Sharanevych-Vantsa

    Prunes and yogurt for intestine!

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  • Author Sherrie Miranda

    As far as I know, I am not Greek. My dad has Welsch roots (last name Thomas). I understand my mother's mother was Gypsy. She used to say she thought she was Spanish, so maybe Spanish gypsy? Did the Spanish gypsies come from Greece?

  • Iryna Sharanevych-Vantsa

    I know that gypsy come from India originally, but I think this is the one of the nations that doesn't have a country. In every country they mix and try assimilate, so....

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127 Hours

  • Rita Lyons

    good movie, but the book is even BETTER! James Franco portrayed Aron Ralston as a cocky guy who was full of himself. If you read more about the REAL Aron, you can see he wasn't like that at all, and was in fact unusually intelligent!

  • Mary Freeman Falkner

    Slow of course, but I could put myself in his place. A horrible thing, but at least he came out alive and an even better person for it.

  • José Valenzuela

    I impact this film that I understand is based on a real fact, simply a situation quite unreal which lived the protagonist of this feat.

  • Matthew⚡️ Alas

    First time that I saw a guy cut if his hand