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RVing and Camping

Our goal is to be full-timers living in an RV

Sweet bus conversion

This site has a video and lots of pics of this FANTASTIC 1917 Packard Motorhome!!! A must-see!

Looks kinda tight - but they fit a lot of what they'd need into such a small space!

Not sure I care for the pointy parts on the front, but a Bug camper? VERY cool!

house Truck [So simple and basic - I would LOVE to live in this! ~ Sherry]

Boondockers Foil Cooking, a ton of great camping recipes

Grape Solar GS-S-250-Fab5 250-Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel Great product. Great output. Hooked up two in parallel. They charge the battery bank in my small off grid mtn cabin enough to run the refrigerator and fluorescent lights 24 hours a day. Plus I did an hours worth of vacuuming, and even used the table saw one day. I had plenty of charge to spare. They were comparable to the Kyocera models, however shipping is free for these.

1971 Starstreak Motorhome [My opinion - I have never seen anything uglier! But beauty is in the eye of the beholder...and it certainly is unusual :). ~ Sherry]

Jim Gaffigan On Camping | WeKnowMemes

This is my house, in Houghton Lake, MI. I am looking to barter it for a motorhome. Please follow the link for more information. (This is the only time I will post this, but hope you might share it with anyone you think may be interested please?) ~ Sherry

This is our house at Houghton Lake, MI. The photo links to the page I set up where I describe how we are looking to barter our house for a motorhome. (Yeah, really!) ~ Sherry

This is a GREAT book! Read it in 2 days, will probably read it again and again! Answered all of my questions about full-timing, and some I didn't even know I had. Highly recommend! ~ Sherry

Seven Really Awesome Essential Gadgets for Digital Nomads

Why do we use a whole drawer for this, when OBVIOUSLY this is a far superior way of storage? {Another idea for limited storage!}

Full length mirror with jewelery storage inside. {Great idea for limited space...such as in an RV!}

Brilliant! Burns sticks, converts to power, charges your gadgets!

  • Ken Miller

    I'm thinking a small solar panel on that backpack would do the job more efficiently

Since we're 99% sure now that we will go with a larger Class C or a smaller Class A, this would be the ideal floor plan for our needs! Top bunk for parrot cages, bottom for dog/cat crates, slide for walking space, L-shaped kitchen. This one is 31' - great size for us too!

2015 Four Winds Motorhomes: Class C RV by Thor Motor Coach