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# 584.1 Silver Deluxe Templar Knights Sword by Marto of Spain

The Siege of Jerusalem took place from June 7 to July 15, 1099 during the First Crusade. The climax of the First Crusade, the successful siege saw the Crusaders seize the city from the Fatimid Caliphate and laid the foundations for the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

The Final Assault on Jerusalem (Part 1) - Crusades and Crusaders

17-01-01/21 RENAISSANCE 16TH Cuirass (1550-1560) Churburg, , Italy

Adhemar of Le Puy | Battle of Dorylaeum (July 1097)

Adhemar of Le Puy | Crusaders defeat two Turkish relief armies for Antioch at Harenc ...

Adhemar of Le Puy | legate adhemar of le puy official seignorial crusade southern french ...

Godfrey_of_Bouillon | Leaders of the First Crusade: Godfrey of Bouillon

  • Ján Valko

    Godfrey nepřijal korunu královskou, nosil trnovou korunu

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Sculptural Set found @

Templar Chapel, aragnouet france | france_templier_chape_aragnouet1

2012 Pyrenees Motorbike Tour. Day 2

Teutonic Knights Castle (UNESCO), #Malbork in northern Poland

Placówki Dyplomatyczne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej

Chanfrein/ Nose protection,16th century,Renaissance,dore and grave technique. Musee de L'Armee France (C) Paris - Musée de l’Armée, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais / Fanny Reynaud 16e siècle, Renaissance (période) Technique/Matière : doré (technique), fer (métal), gravé @Dan Uyemura Uyemura Uyemura Uyemura Uyemura Uyemura Uyemura Uyemura Uyemura Uyemura Uyemura Soule

Ottoman kolçak (greaves) dizcek (cuisse or knee and thigh armor), 16th century, as worn by fully armored cavalryman (sipahi).

North German, 1550-1650.

Knights Templar Symbols and Meanings | All of the known variations of the Templar cross

The Secret Sun: Another History of the Knights Templar, Part 7

Knights Templar Symbols and Meanings | Templar Symbols

Gordon Napier History: Templar Symbols

Modern Knights Templar | Knights Templar (2012) (Retail / Rental)

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