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SHERU Knitting

SHERU Knitting

Everything about Knitting and Crocheting! Find many cool ideas of Hand Made clothes with Fashion Collections from SHERU.

CROCHET EASY BERET HAT FOR GIRLS Tutorial 7 Part 1 of 2 This simple and at the same time very pretty beret is worked in rounds, begin the work the same way like you start a flower.

3D RUCHE PETAL FLOWER WITH STAMENS With this video instructions you can make a flower with one layer of petal, with 2 layers or make a 3 layered flower. All variations are beautiful and can be used for a cute embellishment. Enjoy!

CROCHET AND KNIT PET CLOTHES The latest fashion craze and trends are not only concentrate on humans but also on pets. Dressing pets has became a nice tradition especially if the outfit for a dog or a cat was made by its owner. In this video you will find some pretty ideas of crochet and knitted sweaters, coats, hoodies, dresses, hats for dogs/cat.

CROCHET FLOWER HAT FOR GIRLS utorial 8. Stylish and eye-catching crochet hat with a large flower on the crown. This free hat pattern comprises a simple bottom part made of 11 rounds of double crochet stitches and a large flower that works as a top part of our hat.

SEAMLESS SQUARE MOTIF CARDIGAN Tutorial 5 Part 2 of 2. www.sheruknitting... In this crochet video tutorial you will learn how join crochet square motifs together to create a larger piece of work.

CROCHET CARDIGAN FREE PATTERN Tutorial 5 Part 1 of 2. In this crochet video tutorial you will learn how to make a beautiful square motif that can be used not only for a jacket or a cardigan.

CROCHET SCARF WITH HAT Tutorial 4 Part 3 of 3. www.sheruknitting... Free crocheted scarf patterns, crochet lace scarf, how to crochet summer scarf for beginners, easy to crochet scarf tutorial with beginner crochet instructions.

CROCHET SUMMER HAT Tutorial 4 Part 2 of 3. In this crochet video tutorial we continue crocheting a beautiful summer hat. This project is easy to crochet even for a beginner crocheter.

CROCHET HAT WITH SCARF Tutorial 4 Part 1 of 3. www.sheruknitting... With this video tutorial you will learn how to crochet a summer hat. Follow the tutorial that guides you through each stitch - from the first one till the end of the project.

CROCHET AND KNITTING SHAWLS WRAPS COLLECTION Part 2 www.sheruknitting... Snuggle yourself in a beautiful hand made shawl/wrap which warm you up in a chilly summer evening. You can also use these lovely shawls/wraps as a scarf in cold winter or fall period. Enjoy!

CROCHET AND KNITTING SHAWL WRAP COLLECTION Part 1 www.sheruknitting... In this video you will see many ideas for crocheted and knitted shawls and wraps. Each of them is perfectly suited for the special occasions or for every day use. Great gift idea.

CROCHET PINEAPPLE LACE With this crochet video tutorial you will learn how to crochet beautiful flat double sided crochet lace tape made of very popular pineapple stitch motifs

CROCHET BELL-FLOWER PATTERN This crochet video tutorial demonstrates in detail how to make an adorable striped multicolored bell flower with stamens.

CROCHET FEMALE HAT Tutorial 2 Part 3 of 3. This fast and easy to stitch crochet hat can be made in a few hours as a gift or just like a new handmade piece of work for your wardrobe.

KNITTING HONEYCOMB STITCH PATTERN Tutorial 14. This beautiful honeycomb stitch pattern worked on stockinette background and made of crossed stitches, such us C3F and C3F.

KNITTTING STRAWBERRY STITCH PATTERN Tutorial 13. With this free video tutorial you will learn how to knit a strawberry stitch. See more beautiful knitting stitch patterns. Easy to knit strawberry stitch. Making each strawberry involves increasing several times in the same stitch.

EASY TO KNIT CABLE STITCH Tutorial 12. In this knitting video tutorial you will learn how to knit a simple cable stitch C8F, which means cable 8 front.

3D KNIT WHEAT EAR STITCH PATTERN Tutorial 9 Part 1 and 2. Learn how to knit the 3D wheat ear made of plain stockinette. You can make a whole fabric textured of these wheat ears, or you can complete only one wheat ear motif and use it as a decorative element.

KNITTING FLOWER POPPY PATTERNS Tutorial 25 Part 1 and 2. In this second part of knitting flower tutorial 25 we continue the work and show you how to make a center for the poppy flower. The center consists of knitted round element and embellished with black fur yarn.

KNITTED POPPY FLOWER Tutorial 14 You will enjoy creating this beautiful knit-crochet poppy flower. Another pretty flower to knit for your collection. This knitted poppy flower has 3 large petals and crocheted center part made of fur yarn of black color.

CROCHET TRICKER TWISTED BRIDE Tutorial 50 Part 2 of 9. Brides (bars) are the narrow connections between the motifs or cords of a lace. They are made in various ways depending on the lace technique. This video demonstrates how to make the thick twisted bride stitch.

CROCHET TWISTED BRIDE Tutorial 50 Part 1 of 9.Brides (bars) are the narrow connections between the motifs of a lace that does not have a mesh ground. They are made in various ways depending on the lace technique.

KNIT CROCHET BIND OFF CAST OFF Tutorial 7 Part 9 of 12.With this tutorial you will learn how to bind/cast off stitches using a crochet hook. Work slip stitches through group of loops and make chain spaces.

HAIRPIN DEVELOPING BASIC STRIP WITH ADDITIONAL Tutorial 28. This hairpin crochet tutorial will help you to continue working with any of your hairpin basic strip/braid variation and create a nice texture with additional crochet by working into groups of loops and by making triple twisted loops.

EASY TO MAKE HAIRPIN STRIP LACE Tutorial 25.Begin to crochet on hairpin loom. This hairpin crochet tutorial will help you to learn how to make a simple strip by working chain stitches and single crochet stitches only.