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Hidden mother Victorian photos

A practice where the mother, often disguised or hiding, often under a spread, holds her baby tightly to insure a sharply focused image. I say awkward. Seriously, why not just take a picture of the blanket?

Another wonderful photograph of a Ghost mum. And for those who missed the first explanation: In the fledgling days of photography, one had to remain completely still for a length of time for a proper portrait to be taken. With a child’s predilection for doing anything but standing still, their mothers would have to be in the photography to keep them still. For reasons I’m not sure of, the bright idea was to cover the matrons with fabric, thus creating the ghost mother.

19th century photography : "the Hiddеn Mоthеr" wаs а prаctice whеrе thе mother, оftеn disguised оr hiding, оftеn undеr а spread, hоlds hеr bаbу tightly fоr thе photographer tо insure а sharply fоcusеd imаgе.

what lady in the middle?

An attempt has been made to scratch out the features of the woman in this picture, rendering it all the more disturbing.

It seems to be Papa providing the lap in this charming tintype.

Sometimes it's difficult to discern whether there's a hidden adult, or just a really ugly chair which needed to be disguised . . . .

Tintype of baby with woman crouching behind the chair to hold it steady.

Photographer is A. S. Corey of Clinton, Missouri. On the back is handwritten Artie Sullivan / Nov 19 – 1870 / Died Aug. 7. – 1888

During a search for Victorian examples of post-mortem photography, I came across these mysterious and extremely odd vintage portraits of families in which the mother is disguised as a chair. In some cases there seems to be a real attempt to make the figure of the mother appear like an actual chair; in other cases,like this one it looks like they simply want to conceal the mother's identity. Maybe it's to keep a live child still enough to take a clear photo or to keep a deceased one in position.

Hidden Mother pictures are highly sought after by collectors