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Cool cars and trucks and bikes. Oh my!

London Bus with Union Jack an Wall Art Poster

London Bus with Union Jack an Wall Art Poster

UJ vespa

Famous designer Yuji Fujimura - “EBIQ,” Electric Bike generates power from a Lithium-ion Battery. When used as electric bike, the EBIQ sets both the pedals at a low position, which together with a handlebar folds into the body to fit in compact parking spaces. The rider also can store his or her mobile gadgets, including laptop, cellphone and etc, in the compartment to charge them on the go.An integrated screen upfront connects to your laptop.

Bike Pump Keychain. Why search for that one gas station with the "pay as you pump" air compressor? There are auto shops and fire stations every few blocks in the city. Guess what? They ALL have air compressors. This is "the missing link" - The key chain that allows you to connect and fill your bike tire with any common type "A" industrial air compressor hose!