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Pink Swarovski Crystal Piano

I love Music and I love Pink, it's perfect!

do something today that your future self will thank you for//

Pink Banana

Musa velutina - buy seeds at

What does your favorite color say about you? A not so serious look at what we perceive color to represent about our personalities. Source: The Land of Color

Coca Cola - PARIS - They even have the REAL thing, but PINK --- HOT!

pretty pink house


Ending the Day in PINK !

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Pink Psychology ~ “Pink’s supposed psychological effects include: muscle relaxation, tension relief, calmness, and warmth. Pink is said to stand for selfless love, gratitude and sympathy and may have soothing effects on the human psyche. In colour therapy, pink is used as an appetite suppressant. And in some places prison cells are even painted pink to calm prisoners. ”

Pink. It's My Obsession. - Christine Marie

I don't use a blender very often but... if I did... this would be mine :-) #pink #cuisinart #blender

zulily | something special every day

tools- and they might as well be pretty so no silly boy takes them from you!