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"Raising Chickens with Goats"....we plan on having both!

How to Clip Your Chicken’s Wings by Theresa Loe

Day 25: How to Clip Your Chicken's Wings - Living Homegrown

Maria CampbellThe Chicken Chick at Egg Carton Labels by ADozenGirlz, I wanted to show you my grit/oyster shell feeder I made today. I saw one kind of like it somewhere so I cobbled together one of my own. Having chickens is so much fun even when I don't spend time with them. The lid flips up to fill the tubes and is slanted to discourage chicken roosting. The wood is unfinished and all edges are sanded for the chicken's safety.

Apron Fencing - Keep predators and rodents out of your chicken run with this unique fencing! The 12" apron is perect for keeping burrowing pests away from your flock. No trench is required, so you'll save yourself hours of backbreaking labor. Just bend the fence along the wire. Allow vegetation to grow up through the mesh along the ground and it'll be even more secure.

Fresh Eggs Daily®: Adding Dried Herbs to your Chicken Layer Feed ~ She explains it all here, which ones and what they do!

WHOA- a great idea for nesting boxes, you can just pull them out and dump. (Ikea storage! Who'd-a thunk???) I am going to do this in our isolation coop for our brooding hens.

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Chickens Are NOT Puppies: What to look for when choosing baby chicks at a feed store, market, etc.

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