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pretty wedding things I've stolen from Katy...

lights overhead and YELLOW SHOES



neckline and sleeves

Long exposure shot with sparklers #longExposure #wedding

vintage lace wedding dress

Lauren Bush's wedding dress

his and her birthstone.

beautiful ribbon canopy

Ring Warming – The Ring Warming Ceremony is a beautiful way to take the ring exchange a step further while including the wedding guests. Early in the ceremony, the rings are tied together and passed around to the guests who are asked to say a silent prayer or blessing for the couple when the rings reach them. By the time the bride and groom exchange the rings, they are filled with the warmth and love of their family and friends. For larger weddings, couples can opt to pass the rings to immediate family or the bridal party rather than all of the guests.

so shiiiiiny

multicolour petticoat, loves

Claire Pettibone dress



Inspired by a Parisian dress from the 1920s #weddings #weddingcake....DANG

twigs & honey


so pretty

flower + lemon combo!

aquamarine. gorg.

love mix of brooches with fresh florals

It's not me, but i love everything that is going on in this picture.


Ruffle Cake Heaven by Judit Meron shot by Sutherland Kovach